Days at work

Days at work

Swedish forrest …

August 30th, 2016

My different assignments can look very different! Just before the summer I got a question if I could shoot some images of the Swedish forrest to be used in a big hotel. So during some late afternoons I went out and shot some trees. Here are two of the images.

IMG_5592A IMG_5593A

Maria Montazami in LA …

August 23rd, 2016

I recently went over to Los angeles to shoot an image of Maria Montazami. After failing trying to get our calenders to work when i went there in june, i decided to go over once again in august to get the picture I wanted! Maria is a really even nicer (if that’s possible) than on TV. I understand why she’s been in every season of the Swedish Hollywood wifes on TV!
We started as soon as we found a suiting dress for Maria to wear in the picture. Her dog Copper, who was to be in the picture, wasn’t really feeling it when we were to shoot. So Marias assistant Anna had do jump in as a stand-in dog 🙂 After a couple of hours of shooting in the burning sun we tried som shots with Copper. After a while I felt we had enough images of him to “build” the image i wanted!

It was a super nice shoot with Anna & Maria who were really sweet and helpfull!


Meat cones with Johan Jureskog!

August 20th, 2016

I’ve done some new portraits for my series during this summer, this is when I shot Meat King nr 1 in Sweden, Johan Jureskog! I had a old school food truck in the back as a Icecream truck and Johan in front of it holding two big cones filled with ground beef! My friend Per acted as the ice cream man in the truck!
Johan was amazing, just acting without any problems! This image is gonna rock!



Linda Lampenius …

August 20th, 2016

I shot the amazing Linda Lampenius for my project My Way a couple of days ago. The weather was kind of chilly but everything went great! I had an idea of shooting Linda in some kind of nightmare where she’s standing in the middle of the street with broken violins all around her.
I found two already broken violins that was about to be thrown away that we could use. First I shot Linda with the two violins and then Linda went inside to get warm, while I shot the two violins in different positions. I’ll put them together for the final image!



Trumpet & wide angle …

August 8th, 2016

In the end july i did a shoot with jazz trumpet mastermind Nils Janson. It’s for the cover of his third album. We did the whole shoot in my studio and i did some portraits with the 35mm on my PhaseOne XF camera, it turned out really cool! I did a whole series of images with Nils all wrapped up in ropes too, but I’ll post those later! Looking forward to seeing the finished album!