Days at work

Days at work

I’ll be talking at Norrlandsdagarna 2016

October 27th, 2015

I’ll be talking at SFFs (Swedish Association of Professional Photographers) Norrlandsdagarna 2016. It’s in Skellefteå between the 12th & the 14th of february.

Norrlandsdagarna 2016

My ongoing project …

October 25th, 2015

About a week ago it was time to shoot another image for my project. This time it was the amazing Andreas Lundstedt that was in front of the camera, in full disco outfit, in a parking garage! We also had an old grey VW Golf as a prop!
After some setting up and filtering of the flashes as the were to be mixed up with the ambient light it was time to start shooting! As always when shooting artists it was really easy getting the shot i wanted! I’ve started working on the image in Photoshop but it will take some time before it is finished but it’s looking great already! 🙂

Thanks to Patricia at Agent Franke for pics and support!

(Svenska) Permobil

October 24th, 2015

Charlotte Kalla cover shoot

October 23rd, 2015

Did a cover shoot for a tourist magazine last week. This time it was Charlotte Kalla that was to be on the cover. The idea was to have her walking through the center of town with her skis on her shoulder. We had about 20 minutes to shoot, but Kalla is always very easy to shoot, every single frame works!

Big thanks to Niklas who took some behind the scenes pictures!

Swedish tradition “Lucia” i the deep forest!

October 21st, 2015

So, it’s soon christmas again! And also time to shoot the Lucia, a swedish tradition! I’ve shot these for about 6 years, and always been in the studio. This year i thought i’d do something else! I had found a really cool place in the deep forest that looked somewhat like a fairytale! I knew that at 5.15 pm the sun was perfect at that location. There was one problem though, the location was a really good walk from any road, upward!
I went there by myself before they arrived to be sure i’d be ready at exactrly 5,15 pm. I can tell yo that there was one very tired and sweaty photographer after bringing up cameras, smoke machine, generators etc … But it turned out great in the end. It was kind of cold but they stood there bare feet and all and didn’t complain! 🙂