Days at work

Days at work

The finished boat image

May 31st, 2014

This is how the “Boat Trip” image turned out, i hope you like it!

Below is also the sketch i did prior to the shoot, just to show the customer how i thought it would be done 😀

A portrait isn’t always just a portrait …

May 26th, 2014

I often work for commercial magazines. Some time ago i did a portrait for a magazine about a running race. It was a girl who sometimes talks in the radio about training and running. So they wanted her in the studio but with some training gear on. Here you can see how a simple portrait sometimes isn’t just that simple. The colors in the syudio where terrible, here clothes were kind of cool but didn’t match the interior of the room! The place where she usually sits when she’s a guest there wasn’t that good for shooting so i put her in the control guy’s seat instead.

The Boat Trip …

May 9th, 2014

This wednesday we went out to shoot some images for Näringslivsbolaget. It was for a campaign they’re doing this summer. There was a team shooting film at they same time, and i was there to shoot the still image for ads etc.

The idea was a chaotic boat trip with the grandparent, because the parents had left them with him while going to a spa or restaurant. The grandfather is fishing in the boat and at the same time trying to take care of two crazy kids! Everybodey did a fantastic job, even though the “grandfather” fell into the water and it was kind of freezing outside.

I wanted som rim lights from the back so we had big light stands out in the water, but nothing caught fire or blew up! 😀 The lighting was made with three Profoto generators and three lampheads and a ringflash.
We had some bread that we threw out in the water to get som good images of seagulls! Worked perfect, almost too perfect. At the end we had like 30 segulls around us!
I had to deliver the finished image this morning so i did all the post production yesterday and yesterday evening. Will post the image as soon as possible!