Days at work

Days at work

New exhibition on the way

December 31st, 2011

Soon i will open my new exhibition! Starting in january there will be an exhibition inside Birsta City. I’ve actually already started by hanging some of my recent exhibition, but in january i will officially open with a lot of new material. Ofcourse there i will have some of my old favourites but also a lot of new ones!
The exhibition is titled Work and will show just that, work i’ve done during the past years!

Horses once again …

December 21st, 2011

The other day i shot new images for Fortis et Liber, it’s the company i took pictures of Rocco, the frieser horse, which i’m competing in the Hasselblad Masters with. This time it was tow new horses and we did everything with a whote background instead of the black one we used last time. I went out early and started setting up everything. It’s not very easy to set up an 5.50x5.50 metre background all by yourself! Especially when the rod that hold everything up is only 5 metres 😀 So i had to do some last minute constructing with a light stand and some duck tape!
We shot mostly product shots, but also some portraits and image shots as well. The owners to the horses filmed some during the shoot, so i’m posting that as well

New assignment for Permobil

December 20th, 2011

I got a really fun assignment recently! It is to create new images for Permobil. I don’t think there are many people that don’t know about them, but it’s one of the worlds biggest electric wheelchair manufacturers 🙂
I have written a long list of ideas for this job, and from this we have chosen a couple of ideas. Since Permobil do business all over the world we will make two images here in Sweden, two in Nashville/USA and two in Lyon/France.

We did the first shoot just the other day and it was based on an idea that Permobil had about a person going to the hairdresser. After a couple of days thinking and planing i had the idea clear in my mind. We scouted models, props and clothes. Found the location which, after being to every hairdresser in the area, was inside City Hall. Actually a corner inside City Hall which worked out perfectly! I wanted it to look like a really expensive salon with a twist!

After a lot of rigging and moving of furniture i was ready to shoot! As always me and the model ended up screaming at each other to get the right feeling 😀

I’ll post the finished image as soon as i’m allowed to!

It never ends …

December 2nd, 2011

The image i made fot Prodharp a couple of weeks ago was delivered, but i have been kept working on it anyway. But NOW it’s finished! 🙂 I’ve added another guy in the front, made it wider and added more audience and flashes. I also made one version even wider to be used as a big backdrop.

Old test shots …

December 2nd, 2011

A good while ago i did a test shoot for a jewelry company. They didn’t use my images, they shot everything more clean. Nothing wrong in that, even if i like my images better 🙂