Days at work

Days at work

The cover for LAJV is ready!

October 27th, 2011

This is how the cover and the image to the article turned out.
I hope you like them!

Yeeehaw! Cowboys in the saloon!

October 27th, 2011

About two weeks ago i shot the new cover for LAJV Magazine. This time it was a portrait of Jennifer, who’s a bertender at the Daltons Saloon! Well you just see it don’t you!? Saloon!!! How cool isn’t that! My idea was of course to use the whole western theme in the shot! Some props and clothes was picked up at a second hand place and all the equipment was packed into the car.
I didn’t have the idea super clear in my head but i had been there earlier so i knew where to set the camera and i knew the angle. When i set up everything all the bits fell in place! A dusty saloon where a crazy cowboy gets beaten up by the bartender, in this case our bartender 🙂 It can’t get much more fun!
To get people to let go and do things they normally don’t do like screaming for example (which they do in like 98% of my images 😉 ) is almost impossible to do if you don’t do it with them! How will i be able to convince them to do something you won’t do yourself? Well it was a Kristofer without any voice at all who after a lot of screaming packed his things and went back to the studio!

A big thanks to both Jennifer and of course Kim, who with almost no notice at all came and acted villain in the bar! 🙂

Out looking for a location!

October 23rd, 2011

I must have hundreds of these photos in my iPhone! Pictures i shootwhen i’m out looking for a location or preparing for a shoot. Useful at the time but completely useless later 🙂
This was taken when i checked out a location for a shoot for LAJV Magazine and what it was and how it turned out you will see soon! 😉

Christmas is here, soon any way…

October 23rd, 2011

Well, it was that time again! Time to shoot the cover for Birsta City Magazine. As usually we did the shoot just outside the shopping center and the theme was of course, Christmas!! And what would the christmas issue be without a truck full of snow! But there’s no snow in october?! Yes there is! You just have to know where to find it 😉

With the snow in place it was time to start shaping the snow and place all the pine trees through which Santa would come walking on his way to Birsta City. Just to spice things up it started to rain insanely just as we started shooting! All my powerpacks had to be covered and i backed up my car to get some protection for my computer and camera.

Santa Claus and his little elfs was quite wet and cold when they after the first shoot went inside to warm up, i enjoyed some me-time in the cold rain while packing all the equipment 🙂 Now it was time for picture nr 2!

The second picture was shot inside the shopping center, and the idea was to show Santa trying to keep track of all his elfs going crazy in there.

I must say everybody did a terrific job, even though the cold wheather, the rain and the long day it worked out great!

Adjustments in CaptureOne

October 10th, 2011

I do a lot of adjustments directly in my RAW-converter CaptureOne, and i thought it would be interesting to see what it looks before and after adjustments. Of course more or less work comes in Photoshop afterwards but sometimes you can come a very long way already when exporting from CaptureOne.
The image i thought i share with you is shot for Sundsvall Dragons, a basketball team which has won the swedish championships twice (of course i’m totally convinced that this has to do with my images 🙂 ).

The postrait which is of there new player Dino was planned to be really dark and with the light concentrated on his eyes and face. The lighting was set with two Profoto Magnum reflectors 45 degrees from the back and a Profoto softlight reflector almost straight on, a little from above. After the shot the following adjustments was made in CaptureOne:

• Lowered the exposure -0.5 f-stops
• The contrast was raised up to 25
• Saturation was decreased 95%
• Clarity was raised 30%

Then i used CaptureOne’s fantastic adjustment layers to control different areas of the image by painting in layers.

• The whole backround and his torso was lowered another -1.85 f-stops
• The mouth turned out to bright and was lowered -0.6 f-stops
• The shadow under his chin and his eyes was brightened +1 f-stop

After export this image has some retouching in Photoshop and the eyes was exchanged for another pair from another of the shots. Other than some sizing and sharpening nothing else was made before it went of to the advertising agency!

Article in Swedish Kamera&Bild …

October 3rd, 2011

Some time ago it was an article in Swedish magazine Kamera&Bild about me and my work. I didn’t know it was out on “the net” as well, so i thought now that it’s out i would post the link here on the blog!

Link to the rticle in Kamera&Bild

Pictures for LAJV Magazine

October 3rd, 2011

This is how the pictures for LAJV Magazine turned out.

Training and donuts!

October 3rd, 2011

A week ago i shot the new cover for LAJV Magazine. This time it was a portrait of Robin, who the magazine will follow during his training with PT Jenny at Golds Gym. I always thought that donuts is the ultimate junkfood, but insanely good to eat!, so the donuts had to be on the cover!
It wasn’t easy to shoot the training-picture! I saw Jenny like little devil sitting on Robins shoulder telling and yelling what to do and not to eat (like donuts 🙂 ). We tried different poses and setups, but it ended up with Jenny having to climb up on the treadmill! It turned very well! Like allways i have a very clear image in my head how it’s gonna look, the reality comes knocking and mess things upp!

The lighting was two Profoto Magnum reflectors in a 45 degree angle from behind, a beauty dish from above/behind and ringflash.