Days at work

Days at work

Photoshoot in the deep woods

January 26th, 2014

Thsi week i went out to shoot a cover and portrait for a magazine about the forest industry. The images was to be shot in the woods. A lot of snow and a temperature way below freezing did the assignment a little bit more interesting!

I went out some time ahead and found a perfect spot in the woods. Really great trees i could have as a background and also some trees they could lean against.
After some carrying my stuff there and setting the light and my computer up i was ready to start! One thing about shooting outside when it’s really cold is the red noses and the big jackets etc. The red noses can easily be fixed in Photoshop and all the big warm clothes we fix with a little bit of persuasion.
After som shooting with all the wark clothes on i asked if it was ok to take som quick shots with just the shirt, and he said no problem. I really tried to be as quick as possible 😀

The King!

January 23rd, 2014

I think it was about 20 years ago! 20 years since i shot Kingen Karlsson the last time! Then it was for a CD-cover together with Evert Ljusberg.
This time it was images for a new CD and tour.
The pictures needed to have an old feeling. Not old as in old, but old as in classic. I set up the light to look a bit like in the 50’s.
Kingen sang and danced and i kept on shooting. We did some pictures with a glass of whiskey in his hand, but as i didn’t have any whiskey in the studio we used washing-up liquid. 😀

Just another shoot …

January 22nd, 2014

I do of course shoot a lot of “ordinary” images too, maybe i don’t blog so much about it even though they are a very frequent kind of job for me.
Today i went away for a typical ordinary job. Sundsvall Elnäts board wanted a group image for their annual report. We had a big room that was just renovated with big white walls that worked perfect as background! And of course, like always, not everybody could be there att the same time so we had to shoot one guy separately and put him in the picture in post.
Just another day at work!


January 17th, 2014

Just after christmas i went up to Tänndalen to shoot for Volkswagen Magazine. It was a piece on their VW Passat Alltrack. It was a one day job so i went up 33 swedish miles and then back 33  again, took me about 7 hours just driving 🙂

Started 05.30 in the morning and came back at 20.00.

We shot at a location ner Fjällnäs hotell with the mountains in the background. The first image will be over two pages, the piece will be in total five pages.

The weather was kind of hazy, but nothing a Profoto Pro7B couldn’t fix!