Days at work

Days at work

Three superheros in the studio!

April 29th, 2012

Last week i shot the cover for LAJV Magazine again. This time it was three persons that were to be on the cover. They are opening three different shops in an old dance place here in town. One cafΓ©, one clothing store and one place with retro furniture. My first idea was to shoot them as three super heros, but since the place they will be opening in is from the 60s and the furnitureplace deals with retro furniture, i thought it would be cool with some superheros that felt a little bit like Batman/Superman in the 60s!

So we went out and got some props and then for a couple of hours we created three retro super heros in my studio. And then with great help from Finn at LAJV the finished shot has exactly that feeling i was after!

Nashville, shoot number two …

April 26th, 2012

The second image that we shot for Permobil was at a military base here in Nashville. For this shot we had five young young guys acting as recruits and an ex military acting as their drill sergeant. We had found a great spot at the base with some old barracks which would be great in this shot. Of course we had a Humvee for this shot as well, which would be in the background. After taking a ride in it i realized two things, the Humvee is as cool as it is uncomfortable πŸ˜€
The chair we had for this shot was a Vertical Stand, which was perfect since the drill sergeant would be standing in front of the recruits shouting at them. The guy we had helping us at the base told the “recruits” how to stand in a line. You could tell instantly that he was military, since the guys in like two seconds was standing like sticks in a straight line πŸ˜€

After some shouting and a bunch of military phrases from the drill sergeant we had the shot! A big thank you to all in the team that helped during the two shoots! It was a blast!

Nashville, shoot number one …

April 26th, 2012

Yesterday we shot the first of two images here in Nashville for Permobil. The idea was to have a granny baking cupcakes in the kitchen. All the Profoto gear from Citation Support was waiting for me when i got there. Daniel, my assistant for the day helped me set everything up for the shoot, while cupcakes where piled up in the kitchen. As always it took some time to get everything in place and ready before we could do the shot. We had a great team which made everything so much easier and fun!

Nashville …

April 24th, 2012

Right now i’m taking a cup of coffee at Arlanda Airport waiting for my flight to depart. I’m heading for Nashville to shoot to new images for Permobil. It’s fast in fast out i can tell you, i’ll be home just in time for supper on friday! πŸ˜€

I think it’s gonna be great! The agency has emailed me sketches, location- and props photos and it looks fantastic! I hope to be able to get a lot of behind the scenes photos.

My new bag which i wrote about the other day is great! But i don’t think i can fit anything more into it right now πŸ™‚

Summer & snow

April 22nd, 2012

Last week we shot the cover for Birsta City Magazine again, this time for the summer issue. The idea was to have a family hitchhiking to Birsta City on a typical summer road. All the wardrobe was ready, the models was booked and the location was scouted! When we got there it was kind of cold and maybe not typical summer weather, but at least it didn’t snow, or? Yep! Before we where all set with the lighting and props big fluffy snowflakes started falling together with an increasing wind, and there was only one word to Β describe it: crap!

The models was freezing and had to run into the cars to get warm under blankets and jackets. All the props flew around the round in the hard wind and i cut my hand so my camera was all bloody πŸ™‚ On top of all that the assignment was to illustrate a warm summerday on a typical summer road!
Everybody did a great job despite the weather, no matter how cold they where they screamed and acted as it was the hottest day all summer!

The second image we shot inside, thank god! And as i was setting up everything i could see the weather turning all mad outside the window. The snowing was now insane. As i saw it i thought to myself that we were really lucky since it could have been much worse out on the road!

I’ll post the finished result here when they are done!

Not just something to carry things in …

April 17th, 2012

My longtime buddy and camera bag has gone to camerabag heaven πŸ™ So i had to start looking for a new one. I don’t know about you guys, but for me, buying a new bag is a huge project! It’s almost like a firend that comes with you everywhere πŸ™‚ It has to be light, everything has to fit, not too heavy, look good, work as “carry-on” luggage etc …
After my research amongst all the camera bags in the world πŸ˜‰ i decided for the Think Tank Airport Takeoff. So next week when i take off for Nashville we’ll see if it is up for the challenge!