Days at work

Days at work

The Dragons icelandic players lands in Sweden

November 1st, 2013

At last i’m finished with the Dragons second image! Here you can see both the first sketch i did and the finished image. The ship i built was shot in my studio and then put together with the rest of the image in Photoshop. When i shot it i had a low resolution version of the almost ready picture in Capture One, the application which i use when i shoot, so i could see what angle the ship needed to be in to look the best.

The birds that flies in the image was shot just outside my studio the same day i needed them. Me and Jonas stood a while on the parking lot outside the studio waiting until one of us shouted “There, to the left by the roof!!” and then the other person aimed the tele lens at the birds and started shooting! 😀

Maybe the sketch is somewhat hard to see, but i got the final picture pretty much as was intended!

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