Days at work

Days at work

From idea to finished image …

October 11th, 2013

I was doing some laundry the other day when i found a sketch för this years firts shoot for Dragons Basketball. It’s always fun looking at the first sketch when everything is done and printed, to see what you changed from the original idea/sketch. I made this sketch during a meeting with the art director for this project, Jocke på Sweet Williams and P&P.

The idea and finished product was very much the same, there where some small changes as there was no audience on the image and i added the theater interior which i found when i shot the chairs. It added a really nice theater feeling i think.

The players was shot at their home arena, the red drapes on Svea Theater and the stage, chairs and interior at the Sundsvall Theater.

Now we will continue with the second image in the series, but more on that later …

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