Days at work

Days at work

LAJV cover november

November 5th, 2012

One of the fastest cover shoots ever, at least when it comes to the timeline between getting the info about who to shoot and doing the actual shoot!

Anyway, the guy for this issue was Fredrik, who is extremely good at fixing up engines. Me and Erik from LAJV met Fredrik in is shop where we were doing the shoot.
I had in my head imagined an old shop from -73 with spilled oil and old engines everywhere. That is NOT how the look nowadays i can tell you 🙂 More like an surgery room than what i thought 🙂 Very clean and computers an rolling shelfs with tools hanging neatly.

We found an engine which we hanged in front of him and then i started with the lighting before i began shooting. Lucky for me Fredrik had seen some of my earlier covers so it didn’t come as a complete chock when i asked him to start to act and scream! 😀 But the rest of the people in the shop came to a complete stop as we started 😀

Thanks to Erik for the picture from the shoot!

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  1. comment number 1 by: Ken Tam

    Love it.