Days at work

Days at work

France day 3, Annecy

June 1st, 2012

The last picture for this time in France! Yesterday we went up to Annecy, where we was to shoot on a golf course. All night before we left, I had a “charging party” with myself in my hotel room. 6 battery packs to the Profoto generators were all to be charged and only three outlets … Well, it went well anyway 🙂
When we got to the golf course we went past the golf shop and got some props. I just had to ask the girl that worked there, where she had learned English so well, her response was “I’m from Scotland”: D
Then we went with the golf cart to select the best place to be among the 19 holes, of course, it was the closest to the hole that we finally decided on after half an hour of bumping around the track.

The shoot went great despite a number of passing by golfers who probably thought we were really a pain the …. I think it could maybe have something to do with me screaming during the shoot, but i’m not sure 😀 …
Everyone did a great job in the scorching heat, even the Jack Russell dog who acted as himself seemed to enjoy it. And if you’re wondering why one of the guys in the group picture is standing and pointing down, he is saying “sit” to the dog that just when the camera went off, decided to leave the place 🙂

Now i just have to pack everything again and head back home to Sweden and the holi … no, i’ll have to work a little bit more …

2 Responses to “France day 3, Annecy”

  1. comment number 1 by: Stefan Tell

    Ser ut som ett kul jobb, det blir väl ett fint fotoalbum där du åker runt hela världen och tar bilder på permobiler.

  2. comment number 2 by: admin

    Ja, det är ett otroligt roligt jobb! Sitter just nu med alla bilder hittills och det ser mycket bra ut!