Days at work

Days at work

France day 2, Morzine

May 31st, 2012

Yesterday we packed the car full of photo gear and wheel chairs and headed towards Morzine, a small mountain village where the next picture would be shot. The model for the image was Yohann Taberlet, one of the world’s best skiers who’s currently training full time for the Paraolympics 2014. An incredibly nice guy, nothing seemed impossible for him!

After a few hours we were finally there and started looking for a good location. Sometimes i had to pinch myself in the arm because it was so amazingly beautiful everywhere we went! Finally we found a hill that was perfect.

For this picture we had rented an old Citroen 2CV that Yohann would “pack” with sporting gear.

After rigging the lights and equipment that would be in the car, we could finally begin to shoot. Yohann was, as I thought, fantastic! We worked for several hours with the image, and in fact it was the very last exposures that turned out the best!

Now it is an image still here in France and it is on a golf course in another city, but more on that later!

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