Days at work

Days at work

France day 1, Lyon

May 29th, 2012

Now the the first day of shooting in Lyon is finished. Today we photographed at a top arestaurant, TETEDOIE, with 180 degree view of the town Lyon! Extremely cool. The restaurant was as fine as they come!
I had rented some photo gear from Marseilles, which came delivered just about 10 minutes before we head out to our location! The guy who owned the place drove the gear all the way down to Lyon, which is a two and a half hour drive! Very good service indeed!
After a bit of looking around the restaurant deciding where to shoot, we began setting up the lights and props before the model arrived. The scene for the shoot was a guy proposing to his girlfriend, and they are at this romantic place with a kind of crazy waiters, sort of …
I must say that I often get surprised by how some extras just amaze me on the shoots. The guy who acted as the waiter (after quite a strong persuasion from my part: D)  just became exactly the french waiter we where looking for. He lifted the image to a new level with his behavior! It was wonderful!

Now I’ll sleep like a baby before it’s time to get up super early tomorrow to go on a three hour trip up to the mountains where we will shoot tomorrow!

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  1. comment number 1 by: syrr

    Åh, vad avis jag är. Och man blir ju lite sugen på att veta vem den där kyparen var och hur du övertalade honom. Jobbade han där, eller..?