Days at work

Days at work

Clowning around …

May 30th, 2012

Last week it was time again to shoot the next cover for LAJV Magazine. This issue was a special about AIR Festival which is a kind of club / dance festival in the middle of Sundsvall city. The two guys who organize the festival, Eric & Andrew, was to be photographed. This year’s theme for the festival is “circus”, so not to surprisingly, I wanted to do something on that! I thought it would be cool to mix up a little Slipknot / the Joker / Blues Brothers in the picture!

Sometimes you have to have some luck, especially with these shoots since it’s often quite short on time. But the same weekend as we were going to shoot this there was in fact a real Circus in town, Cirkus Brazil Jack!

Anyway, Eric and Andrew had to get up early to get their make-up while I went out and checked out the circus. They had not yet raised the tent, but all the cirkus trailers were there. I met a super nice guy who worked there who helped us get into the area and let us borrow one of the trailers for the shoot.

The sun was really hot all day! I had to lie under a blanket to see anything on the computer and Robin from LAJV acted as a lens hood for me. After we had photographed at two different locations at the circus, we were finally ready! The results coming soon! : D

2 Responses to “Clowning around …”

  1. comment number 1 by: Maria

    Men vilket ruggigt flyt med en cirkus i stan. Underbart. 🙂

  2. comment number 2 by: admin

    Ja, verkligen! Ibland har man lite tur!