Days at work

Days at work

Adjustments in CaptureOne

October 10th, 2011

I do a lot of adjustments directly in my RAW-converter CaptureOne, and i thought it would be interesting to see what it looks before and after adjustments. Of course more or less work comes in Photoshop afterwards but sometimes you can come a very long way already when exporting from CaptureOne.
The image i thought i share with you is shot for Sundsvall Dragons, a basketball team which has won the swedish championships twice (of course i’m totally convinced that this has to do with my images 🙂 ).

The postrait which is of there new player Dino was planned to be really dark and with the light concentrated on his eyes and face. The lighting was set with two Profoto Magnum reflectors 45 degrees from the back and a Profoto softlight reflector almost straight on, a little from above. After the shot the following adjustments was made in CaptureOne:

• Lowered the exposure -0.5 f-stops
• The contrast was raised up to 25
• Saturation was decreased 95%
• Clarity was raised 30%

Then i used CaptureOne’s fantastic adjustment layers to control different areas of the image by painting in layers.

• The whole backround and his torso was lowered another -1.85 f-stops
• The mouth turned out to bright and was lowered -0.6 f-stops
• The shadow under his chin and his eyes was brightened +1 f-stop

After export this image has some retouching in Photoshop and the eyes was exchanged for another pair from another of the shots. Other than some sizing and sharpening nothing else was made before it went of to the advertising agency!

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