Days at work

Days at work

Training and donuts!

October 3rd, 2011

A week ago i shot the new cover for LAJV Magazine. This time it was a portrait of Robin, who the magazine will follow during his training with PT Jenny at Golds Gym. I always thought that donuts is the ultimate junkfood, but insanely good to eat!, so the donuts had to be on the cover!
It wasn’t easy to shoot the training-picture! I saw Jenny like little devil sitting on Robins shoulder telling and yelling what to do and not to eat (like donuts 🙂 ). We tried different poses and setups, but it ended up with Jenny having to climb up on the treadmill! It turned very well! Like allways i have a very clear image in my head how it’s gonna look, the reality comes knocking and mess things upp!

The lighting was two Profoto Magnum reflectors in a 45 degree angle from behind, a beauty dish from above/behind and ringflash.

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