Days at work

Days at work

Exhibition at Abecita Art Museum …

June 20th, 2017

During june, july, august and september you can see my exhibition “My Way” at Abecita Art Museum in Borås! To send my big prints to the museum I had to make some kind of “crate” to keep the prints safe, since they are mounted framless on thing aluminum.
I ended up building a big box in which the prints could be.
When I got to the opening of the exhibition we did a short video presentation (in swedish) and there was also an artist talk later in the evening.





June 15th, 2017

During Photoshop Day, a yearly arrangement by Batteri Kommunikation, you can listen, amongst others, to me talking about my way of working. It’s in Gothenburg on the 22:nd of october and in Stockholm on the 23:rd of october. Other speakers are: Therese Larsson • Illustratör, Jann Lipka • Fotograf, Jenny Jacobsson • Fotograf, Tomas Holmqvist • Grafisk konsult

Read more at (in swedish):