Days at work

Days at work

A Choir of Ghosts in the woods …

April 6th, 2017

To shoot bands is really a lot of fun! Almost it’s the band themselves you have direct contact with, fast and uncomplicated!

Yesterday i shot a band called A Choir of Ghosts. The pictures are for their upcoming single and press.

The idea was pretty simple, shoot them in the woods with a mystic touch without showing both of them too much!I I went out location scouting a couple of days before and found a really cool place! On the day of the shoot we packed all of the stuff we needed and headed out into the woods! It seemed a lot longer this time with all the equipment!

I was thinking of bringing my smoke machine but instead we used “Battlesmoke” grenades! The shoot went super except that I found out that shooting a band by yourself and at the same time run a around with a smoke grenade is kind of hard! 😀 Lucky me i could fire off my PhaseOne camera from my phone while running with the smoke!!