Days at work

Days at work

Give me a Bloody Henry please!

January 31st, 2016

Too much of anything often turns out great in an image! With that in mind i portrayed Swedish YouTube-star Clara Henry! Since she just wrote a book about the period, i got the terrific idea of covering her completely in blood! 😀 When i nervously called her to ask if i could take here portrait, she asked: Yes, but it depends on what you had in mind … And when i then, even more nervously, explained that i wanted to cover her in blood she replied: Yes! That sounds super fun!!
My idea was to have Clara at a bar completely covered in blood drinking a Bloody Mary holding a celery stick! Blood + Clara Henry + Celery + bar = Bloody Henry!
I got the blood at, and they where really helpful when i asked all my questions regarding blood and which kind was the best for this!
My biggest fear was that the blood would stain and that Clara would be all pink after trying to wash of the blood! But after tips about using a really fat lotion and sprying her hair i kept my fingers crossed that it would not stain!

We did the shot at Hotell Resen where the bar was closed between 14.00 – 16.00. After some setting up the lights and covering the bar, floor and chairs in plastic we could begin! The bar now looked like a episode of Dexter! All we had to do now was to pour all the blood over Clara! The blood was very cold, Clara was shaking as we covered her! Clara really did an amazing job at the bar! The shots turned out great!

Also during this shoot the magazine Kamera&Bild came along and Torbjörn shot some behind the scenes material. A big thanks to Patricia at Agent Franke för the behind the scenes photos!

Cover for Caroline Af Ugglas …

January 29th, 2016

Before christmas i shot some images for Caroline Af Ugglas single, now it was time for the album! We shot in a somewhat tougher location than before, the garage of a hotel outside Stockholm. It was a very cold day, -10° below (Celsius) and just a tad warmer in the garage! So no wonder that poor Caroline was freezing! But the photos turned out great!! 😀

Babsan at the barber …

January 26th, 2016

My personal project is moving forward! Last week it was time for yet another portrait, this time Lars-Åke “Babsan” Wilhelmsson, Swedens most known drag artist! Most people know his big pink wig! For me he’s a visual dream to shoot, he’s all done with much of everything!!

The idea was to shoot Babsan at the barber, being shaved. So we needed real classy barbershop! Luckily we came in contact with Peter who owns Roy & Son, a really cool place on Södermalm in Stockholm! After some carrying and setting up we were ready, setting up lights in a very small barbershop full of people cutting and shaving customers is always a challenge! 😀 After a while Babsan was ready and came and it felt perfect right away! I often scream and shout together with the people i shoot while i shoot, maybe not the best of ideas in a crowded and full working barbershop, so i went with the more quieter version today! 😀

During the shoot we had company from the magazine Kamera & Bild who came along to write something about the project! My friend and video-guru Torbjörn shot some behind-the-scenes video as well!

10 years with PhaseOne

January 11th, 2016

Today it’s exactly ten years since i made my first assignment with my first PhaseOne digital back. Since then i’ve had a couple of backs. Times goes fast! But soon i’ll trade in everything and get a … More on this later!