Days at work

Days at work

New portrait, Caroline Af Ugglas

November 18th, 2015

A pretty cold day! That was what we had when i shot portrait of Caroline Af Ugglas. The idea i had was to have her all tangled up in leather leashes and have her hold two sheeps :)Since i have the worlds best agent, Patricia at Agent Franke, we had two beautiful sheeps at the location when we got there! The place we shot at had a really cool road with old oaks along both sides!
But one thing i thought about was if the model is all tangled up and holds two sheeps, and the sheeps start running the model will fall. Well the sheeps saw another sheep and got all crazy and started pulling until Caroline fell over 🙂 No harm done though!

The shoot went very well and Caroline was fantastic! Patricia took some behind-the-scenes images inbetween chasing sheeps!
A gigantic thanks to Clas who supplied us with the sheeps!

New portrait, Bingo Rimér!

November 9th, 2015

My personal project with twisted portraits is growing, just the other day it was time for Bingo Rimér to be infront of my camera! I wanted to portray him as a little naughty schoolboy 🙂 Me and Patricia have looked for a good location for this shoot but it has not been easy! To our rescue came my old friend Håkan and showed us the old school museum in Vallentuna! What a place! Felt like i time traveled 60 years back in time!
We started set up everything and short after that Bingo came i full speed! What a guy! I had made a sling shot for this shoot, it was a while since i made one 🙂 We shot two different scenarios, one where Bingo shoots with the sling shot and one where his teacher pulls his ear! We really had a fantastic time! It looks great!

A big thanks to Håkan who arranged with the location and also played the part of the teacher! Patricia is an angel with all her work and help in my projects! And of course a big up to Bingo, what a star!

Thanks to both Håkan and Patricia for the behind-the-scenes pictures!