Days at work

Days at work

Athletes in the Studio

April 30th, 2015

This summer it’s time for something called “SM-Veckan” (Swedish Championships Week) in Sundsvall. To get some attention towards the event some famous athletes where asked to help. And i was asked to shoot some pictures for them. We had Charlotte Kalla, Johannes Skagius & Fredrik Svensson in the studio one day to shoot three different pictures for the different campaigns.
It was a blast! Nicer models than these must be hard to find! 🙂 I’ll post some images as soon as they are ready!

Knitted images!

April 28th, 2015

This march i did i job with Sweetpop and the 3D-guys at FA Works. The mission was to visually show the enviormental benefits that comes with the changes that was made to some buildings in my city. I first shot the buildings then FA Works made a knitting in 3D that they sent to me, i then put it all together in Photoshop.