Days at work

Days at work

Fashion for Birsta City

March 30th, 2015

A while ago it was time to shot Birsta City’s fashion campaign for spring/summer 2015. The theme for this year was color and we used colored smoke in all the images. We used up over 100 smoke bombs for the images and commercial. I went out to the location somewhere around 07.00 where they already had set up for the filming. Cold, windy but with a lot of sun sums up the day. The bigg Arri-screen bent both steel stands that it was mounted on!

Somewhere around 19.00 i packed up my things and went home. I’ve just finished editing all the images and sent them to the agency! It looked really good!

A big thanks to all participants and a special thanks to the stylist Victoria ( who gave me most of the behind-scenes pictures!

Freefalling cover in the studio

March 26th, 2015

Shot a new cover for a new tourist magazine last week. This time they wanted a parachuter coming down over a already shot aerial picture. So we had to build a thing where the model could hang and then place two big fans underneath her! Now all i have to do is put the two images together!

It’s ready at last …

March 9th, 2015

Now Prosharp’s new product, Prosharp Home, is finally released. So alson my new picture for them! I hope you like it!