Days at work

Days at work

Charlotte Kalla for Volkswagen

January 30th, 2015

The swedish national cross country skiing team (long name!) is sponsored by Volkswagen. Charlotte Kalla of course drives one too, so when she got her new car the other day, VW wanted som new pictures of Charlotte. Lucky me we had both sun and newly fallen snow, and cold weather!

Cover shoot with Eric Saade

January 19th, 2015

Just before christmas i shot a magazine cover with artist Eric Saade. Me and my agent, Patricia, went and started setting up a mobile studio at SpÄrvagnshallarna in Stockholm. OP Communications, who makes the magazine, recides in the same building. Later Eric Saade and his crew came and we could start shooting. As no big surprice the shoot went really well, Eric is used to pose in front of a camera! Even though they had many different outfits he really looked the coolest in the things he came in, so we went with that!

The lighting was made with two Profoto softboxes (large strips) from the back, one Profoto 3×4 softbox from the left side and Profoto ringflash.