Days at work

Days at work

YOHIO, again …

February 14th, 2014

Actually i do shoot other persons than YOHIO 🙂 but the last couple of weeks i’ve done two times. This time it was for the new album that’s coming out soon. We’re going to composite this image with some other stuff so it’s gonna be real cool! We shot two different poses and one of them will be used, shot some close-ups and details too, this will probably be used in the album booklet.

YOHIO 2014

February 5th, 2014

YOHIO made it to the finals in the Melodifestivalen this year as well, not too surprising! Images for press, new album and posters are needed right away!
We did a little new more modern lighting on these pictures! It felt really good!
I shot some pictures with YOHIO standing on his knees and as i often want to shoot from a very low angle we ended up building a podium for him to stand on!

Now they have chosen seven images so i have to get to it!