Days at work

Days at work

Jörgen Brink with no snow

December 23rd, 2013

Just the other week me and Jonas (on his last day!) went up to Sollefteå to shoot Jörgen Brink for a magazine. There was not a lot of snow but they had prepared all the cross country tracks so we had some snow there!
After som location scouting we found the perfect place, unfortunately there was not possible to take the car there! So we had to carry all the gear through the woods!
We set up the lights and shot both action images and more portrait pictures. I really wanted some out of focus trees in the foreground, since we couldn´t find a spot with that we took some pieces of a fallen tree and held in front of the lens 🙂

After some carrying, lying around in the snow and shooting we hauled all the gear back to the car and went home!

Two very cold pictures from ST

December 17th, 2013

The last two images for Sundsvalls Tidnings campaign we shot last monday, outside! So i guess you can easily say that we got our fair share of fresh air! 😀 We had people in their PJs and robes, three french bulldogs and a dachshund! A really great day! Unfortunately i only got two “behind the scenes” pictures.

New campaign for ST

December 16th, 2013

The advertising agency Sweet Williams & POP is putting together a big campaign for Sundsvalls Tidning (a Swedish newspaper) and was asked to shoot the four pictures they needed. Last friday we went out to shoot the first two. The first one was in a big lunch room and after some up and down-going with the elevator we had everything we needed and could start to set up. After some moving people and lights around we had our picture and it was off to the next place.
The second picture was to me shot in a kitchen. Since i needed some “night light” through the window we put some lights outside the house as well. This picture was shot in two steps, first we shot the person sitting inside the house, and then the picture for the outside part of the picture.

Prosharp, new image!

December 10th, 2013

All the images i’ve made for Prosharp is really my little darlings 😀 They have always trusted me by giving me more or less free creativity. The images have been very popular at shows and in print.

The other day it was time for yet another image for them. We had discussed some ideas illustrating the theme they wanted for this years image, speed. They wanted to show that a pair of skates sharpened with a Prosharp skates faster than the competition.
We had ideas of old ladies jumping around on the ice but after a while we came up with the idea of a little boy skating faster than a couple of big icehockey players. Props and models needed to be fixed and Elin from Prosharp did an excellent job interperating my sometimes not so clear thoughts! 🙂
We took the image in three seperate shots, one for the boy, one for the hockey players and on for the background!

Parfume shoot with YOHIO

December 4th, 2013

YOHIO is an artist i’ve shot several of times, it’s always great fun! Just the other week it was time for another shoot. This time it was promo pictures for his new fragrance! It’s a parfume produced together with FACE Stockholm.