Days at work

Days at work

An animated desk!

April 17th, 2013

A couple of weeks ago i went down to Stockholm to shoot a desk 😀 You can read about that here.
Anyway, after some time now we are finally finished with the image! We shot one still image and one Cinemagraph, i’ve tested it before buy never for a customer.

The idea was to shoot it as a experiment and then have the still image as the backup. But as the customer liked the “moving still image” som much we started working on it as soon as we came home!
The image is used as a welcome image for Groth & Co. webpage (
Bilden används på Groth & Co. hemsida (

So click on the image below and wait for a couple of seconds … 🙂

Rabih back in the studio

April 16th, 2013

Today Rabih came to the studio for some new promotional images for a project that he’s involved in. I must say that the camera really loves him, i don’t i got one single frame that wasn’t great!
I lit him with the Profoto ProBig, on both close-ups and the shots from longer distance. I like that umbrella more and more!

I’ll try to post some examples from the shoot as soon as possible!

Hank 2013

April 15th, 2013

Now i’ve delivered the images of Hank to their record label. I really like them!

Portrait in the studio

April 15th, 2013

I do a lot of portraits for different companies. Everything from consultants to salesmen and like today a hairdresser! Sometimes you don’t need more than a smile and a beautiful red hair to make a great portrait! 🙂

On a ledge

April 14th, 2013

Last friday i went to the university to shoot a portrait of two persons working on some kind of project where they find ways to get companies to go outside their “comfort zone”. At least i think that was what they did, not entirely certain exactly how it was … 🙂

The fun part was that i’d found a really cool stairway that they could stand on and then it would look a little bit like they floated in mid air! Little did i know that both of them was really scared of heights!

I lit the shoot with one Pro-7B and i had to raise the lamp head quite a bit, lucky for me that the pack weighs quite a bit so i could use it to prevent everything from tipping down over the ledge!

In times with tight deadlines …

April 7th, 2013

So true!

More rock’n roll in the studio

April 6th, 2013

Yesterday it was time for some rock’n roll in the studio! The new band Hank releases their first single now on thursday and needed new pictures. The idea was to shoot them real clean without a lot of things and stage cloths. I shot them first with a white background and then dark grey, looked really cool with their black cloths!

You can almost instantly feel when you’ve got the picture, especially when you shoot this clean. We sat and looked at the shots afterwards and could see that even if two pictures almost looked identical, it could be a a pair of eyes or the way someone stood that made one great and the other a disaster.

I used my Profoto ProBig as the only light source in front of the band. It’s amazing i don’t use it more often since it gives such a great light!

Soccer and batteries

April 1st, 2013

Our soccer team GIF Sundsvall is getting ready for the climb up to the top this season. I got the mission to help them with som pictures. We shot all the images inside the arena, the sun was shining even if it was kind of cold. Lucky for my i could take the car all the way in where we was to shoot, so no more carrying to day!

I set up my gear and my computer and we started shooting. I used my car as a desk/sun protection since the sun was so strong.
We took both action and more posed pictures, we got some clouds at the end of the shoot but it turned out great anyway!

When i had packed everything in my car again and was getting ready to go home the car didn’t start! I had by accident left the ignition on and the battery was dead! 🙁 Lucky for me one of the guys working at the arena helped my out!