Days at work

Days at work

The LAJV cover

May 31st, 2012

This is how the images for LAJV Magazine turned out!

France day 2, Morzine

May 31st, 2012

Yesterday we packed the car full of photo gear and wheel chairs and headed towards Morzine, a small mountain village where the next picture would be shot. The model for the image was Yohann Taberlet, one of the world’s best skiers who’s currently training full time for the Paraolympics 2014. An incredibly nice guy, nothing seemed impossible for him!

After a few hours we were finally there and started looking for a good location. Sometimes i had to pinch myself in the arm because it was so amazingly beautiful everywhere we went! Finally we found a hill that was perfect.

For this picture we had rented an old Citroen 2CV that Yohann would “pack” with sporting gear.

After rigging the lights and equipment that would be in the car, we could finally begin to shoot. Yohann was, as I thought, fantastic! We worked for several hours with the image, and in fact it was the very last exposures that turned out the best!

Now it is an image still here in France and it is on a golf course in another city, but more on that later!

Clowning around …

May 30th, 2012

Last week it was time again to shoot the next cover for LAJV Magazine. This issue was a special about AIR Festival which is a kind of club / dance festival in the middle of Sundsvall city. The two guys who organize the festival, Eric & Andrew, was to be photographed. This year’s theme for the festival is “circus”, so not to surprisingly, I wanted to do something on that! I thought it would be cool to mix up a little Slipknot / the Joker / Blues Brothers in the picture!

Sometimes you have to have some luck, especially with these shoots since it’s often quite short on time. But the same weekend as we were going to shoot this there was in fact a real Circus in town, Cirkus Brazil Jack!

Anyway, Eric and Andrew had to get up early to get their make-up while I went out and checked out the circus. They had not yet raised the tent, but all the cirkus trailers were there. I met a super nice guy who worked there who helped us get into the area and let us borrow one of the trailers for the shoot.

The sun was really hot all day! I had to lie under a blanket to see anything on the computer and Robin from LAJV acted as a lens hood for me. After we had photographed at two different locations at the circus, we were finally ready! The results coming soon! : D

France day 1, Lyon

May 29th, 2012

Now the the first day of shooting in Lyon is finished. Today we photographed at a top arestaurant, TETEDOIE, with 180 degree view of the town Lyon! Extremely cool. The restaurant was as fine as they come!
I had rented some photo gear from Marseilles, which came delivered just about 10 minutes before we head out to our location! The guy who owned the place drove the gear all the way down to Lyon, which is a two and a half hour drive! Very good service indeed!
After a bit of looking around the restaurant deciding where to shoot, we began setting up the lights and props before the model arrived. The scene for the shoot was a guy proposing to his girlfriend, and they are at this romantic place with a kind of crazy waiters, sort of …
I must say that I often get surprised by how some extras just amaze me on the shoots. The guy who acted as the waiter (after quite a strong persuasion from my part: D)  just became exactly the french waiter we where looking for. He lifted the image to a new level with his behavior! It was wonderful!

Now I’ll sleep like a baby before it’s time to get up super early tomorrow to go on a three hour trip up to the mountains where we will shoot tomorrow!

Going to Lyon/France

May 28th, 2012

Ooops! Almost a whole month has gone by without me blogging! It’s mostly because a lot of stressful jobs and of course because i’m a bit lazy 🙂
Right now I’m at the airport waiting for my flight to Lyon. I’m going there to shoot three new pictures for Permobil. Since there was kind of hard to find any place to rent equipment there I can safely say that I have some excess weight with me 😉
However, I found a great place in Marseilles, Fotoprod, where I’ve booked three Profoto Pro-B2r + some other stuff, which hopefully is waiting for me at the hotel tomorrow, otherwise i’ll have to improvise: D

Birsta City summer 2012

May 11th, 2012

The images for Birsta City Magasin are now ready and even printed! It was quite a lot of work with them, especially the cover. The weather was not on our side that day, it was more or less a storm and it was snowing! But i think they turned out really cool!