Days at work

Days at work

The big picture is up …

September 30th, 2011

Now it’s up there, the really big version of the soccer team GIF Sundsvalls picture. It’s about 10 meters long.
This picture will probably be used for ads aswell, but it will look slightly different then 🙂

Welcome to the dark side of basketball …

September 28th, 2011

Yesterday i we shot the first image for the Sundsvall Dragons campaign season 2011/2012. This years images will be much more darker and more “evil” than earlier. Though some of the superhero-theme will still be there. We’ll se how it turns out.
Anyway the first image is ready and will be in the next ad for Sundsvall Dragons. It’s an image showing a rather “dangerous” Dino Gregory, which is one of the new players this season. We took another picture of Dino as well which will be more like the rest of the new pictures, but more about that later!
I hope you like it!

More soccer, this time in pink!

September 24th, 2011

The images i shot fro the soccer team GIF Sundsvall is now being used for the three upcoming games. Last match it was the wooden horse and this time it’s men in pink 🙂 One more is to be used soon, but more about that later.

Maybe i should translate and explain the whole pink-thing!
A big cancer-campaign is called “Rosa Bandet” (the pink ribbon) here in Sweden. So during this match all the money will go to cancer research, and all the GIF-players will wear pink sweaters for this cause. And the copy on the poster reads “Next friday Ängelholm (the other team) will get beaten up by men in pink”

So here is the one with men in pink!

The first poster for GIF soccer team …

September 19th, 2011

This is the first poster in a series for the soccer team GIF. Behind the idea and layout is POP Kommunikation. More to come, but then it will be with players instead of  wooden horses 🙂

Soccer in the studio …

September 10th, 2011

Today i shot images for GIF Sundsvall (soccer team), it was on assignment from POP Kommunikation. They will be used in ads during the remaining season. The first ad is due very soon so i will post it as soon as it is ready!

I have to say i was i blast to shoot them! Some images was shot completely with and by the players themselves and if i put it this way, those images will not be used in ads that are for all audiences 😀

The new LAJV cover …

September 2nd, 2011

Well, today everybody should be able to pick up the new issue of the LAJV Magazine.
Anyway this is how the cover turned out, hope you like it!

Hunting for a cover

September 2nd, 2011

Last week i shot another cover for LAJV Magazine. This time it was a portrait of Kim Tjernström, who is in the new Jägarna 2 movie which opens today!
The idea i had was to play a little with the classical hunter (the movie is about hunters). So i went for the classical english tweed look 🙂
So i began looking for weapons, clothes, stuffed animals and other fun things! We had found a small restaurant outside town that would be perfect as location. So we began building a hunters office in there! 😀
After a couple of hours when we almost where ready Kim came in and started changing in to his new outfit 🙂 Suddenly we had a Sir Kim in the house! 🙂
It’s really great shooting with real actors! Aspecially when you want them acting as much as i often want them to do. I just told him to look angry, crazy or to start screaming and he just went from face to face all the time. I don’t think i have one single frame looking like the other!
The shoot went great and thanks to Madde and Marianne who helped out with the props, we had everything we needed in place!