Days at work

Days at work

Jörgen Brink for the Swedish Transport Administration!

August 24th, 2011

Last week i went up to Sollefteå to shoot some pictures of cross country genius and double winner of the Vassaloppet Jörgen Brink. It was some portraits of him for a magazine about the new E4 highway in Hudiksvall. The weather could have been better, rain and heavy fog was all i could see when i drove into Sollefteå! but it worked out really well anyway, that light combined with my flash turned out really nice!
We shot all the pictures up on Hallsta mountain, at the roller ski course they have there. His very nice little daughter was with him as well, and she thought i worked too slow as she wanted to get home as soon as possible 😀
I’ll post some of the images as soon as the magazine is out. But for now you will have to settle for a nice group shot of us all!

Another cover for LAJV Magazine tomorrow!

August 24th, 2011

Tomorrow i’m heading out to shoot another cover for LAJV Magazine. It’s gonna be great! Without saying too much i will have some stuffed animals and weapons! Found a really great location for this and i’ll post some images later!

In the home of Takida!

August 23rd, 2011

A while ago i went up to Ånge to photograph Robban, singer/songwriter in the band Takida. A very nice guy indeed! The shot the pictures in his nice home and the magazine comes out in october. It’s allways nice to come photograph people in their homes. I crowded the whole top floor with all the strobes and moved half of their things around, but it didn’t seem to worry them 🙂 More about this shoot later!

Fresh from the press

August 1st, 2011

The cover of LAJV Magazine, fresh from the printer …

Christian on the cross

August 1st, 2011

Here are how the portraits for LAJV Magazine turned out. The portraits are of the pop artist Christian Beijer. The idea was to get the feeling of a guy under his cross, so that is what i went for 😀 And as the unbelievable carpenter i am i had to build the cross myself 😉 I used to huge logs of wood. What i didn’t think of was the incredible weight that this cross would have! We where to guys lifting this thing up on the rails of my car and it was just about that we managed to do it! Of course i wanted a crown of thorns as well, and i wanted really long thorns, so roses was not to think of. You need a bush that in swedish is called Amerikansk Hagtorn, it has huge thorns! 😀 Christian is an artist so i wanted something in the picture that had some “artist” elements too, i ended up buying and smearing finger paint over his torso 😀

And even though it doesn’t look that high up, it’s quite a climb to get up on those rocks. Bare in mind we had to drag the cross all the way up too!

When i had chosen what image to use i saw that it looked like he was standing at the end of the world screaming, so i felt i needed some water splashes coming up from beneath. I packed my stuff and went out to the ocean and shot 450 images of rocks hitting the water 😀 Not too simple a task when i forgot my tripod at home and had to aim and hold my vcamera at the same time throwing rocks at a specific place … But it worked out fine in the end!

I hope you like them!